On the 1st December 2019 ROYALE showcased its products at the WUTOPIA pop up shop in Covent Garden, London. This was the first time our brand appeared in a store and we were really excited about the opportunities this venture would bring. Around 7:00am on the morning of the 1st December 2019 we headed to London to prepare the space allocated for our brand in the store. The jewellery cabinet where the products will be showcased arrived to location and was set up in the middle of the store and work begun in making the display look presentable for trading.

The Belgravia Pendants were placed on necklace stands either side of the cabinet whilst the Classic Cuff Bracelets were situated on a fixture in the middle. Decorative baubles were also placed in the jewellery cabinet as it was the festive period and we wanted to celebrate by adding some Christmas aesthetics to our display. To finish off we put promotional graphics inside and outside the cabinet to showcase the brand and it's identity.

Once we completed setting up, the store finally opened to the public ready for the first day’s trading. We had some interest from the get go and people were keen to find out more about the business and what we do. Business cards were handed out and throughout the day we engaged with customers who came in store to look around. In the evening we had an event for special guests including the president of Westminster University, who looked at our products with interest. At the event we had discussions and interactions with attendees, some who had made purchases and others who had taken our business cards. It was a successful night and we were able to network with an array of people in the business community.

Throughout the rest of the week we made some more sales and held events, including the fashion event that took place on the Friday. Many people were impressed with our display and product range. We were really happy with the turnout that week ending on the 8th December 2019 and thought we had successfully managed to showcase our brand and extend our brand awareness to new customers. The pop up store was a really great opportunity for our business and we made great connections along the way including other brands who showcased their products in store. We hope to attend more pop up shops like this and grow our business so that hopefully one day we will have our own stores and concessions.

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