Mental health awareness week.

It’s mental health awareness week and this year the challenges of mental health couldn’t be more greater with the horrific rise of COVID-19. More than ever it is important for everyone to support people suffering with mental health illnesses during this time of lockdown. It is often in times when someone is unable to escape their thoughts by going outside, meeting friends and family is when symptoms can worsen.

It’s great to see so much awareness in the media and online for mental health causes. Knowing that so many people from all walks of life deal with issues of mental health can be reassuring for those who suffer, which is why it is vital to raise awareness for this issue as much as possible.

As a company it is part of our ethos to raise awareness for mental health issues. We feel that a lot more needs to be done to combat this stigmatised topic as many people feel they cannot talk about their own mental health for fear of being judged or questioned. Where ever possible we try to do our bit to raise awareness for mental health whether this be through our website, social media platforms and our mission statement.

If you ever feel you need advice about your own mental health or someone you know then get in touch with the many mental health charities that are there to help such as mind & Samaritans. It is important to be vocal about mental health and support those who suffer with this crippling disease. #mentalhealthawareness

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