HSBC strategies for growth.

On Friday 28th February 2020, Crown Royale LTD took part in the HSBC strategies for growth event at St Albans. This event was an opportunity for the business to network with other small start-up companies, bank representatives and industry experts. Upon arrival we were greeted by our local business banking rep who led us into the main waiting area where tea and breakfast were available before the event started.

After briefly chatting with other small business owners and bank representatives in the waiting area we were then called into the event room where a projector screen and seating area was presented. The event began with a welcome chat from one of the bank’s regional managers who outlined the morning ahead and what we were going to discuss. The itinerary for the event ranged from cyber security to motivational speaking and customer service. We also had talks from a business owner who started small but grew his business significantly and is now worth millions.

This event was an eye opener and gave an important insight into successful business management and growth strategies. Valuable lessons were taken from this event such as cyber security and customer engagement. It was also great to network with other small start-up companies and swap business cards. After the event finished we were given goody bags and then made our way home.

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