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Our Mission Statement.

Welcome to Royale, a modern and minimalistic jewellery brand for men. We have been established since 2018 and launched our first collection in July 2019, London. Our goal is to create modern, affordable and quality jewellery in both design and concept for men.

We want our customers to feel confident wearing our products, with any outfit whether it be casual or smart. We want you to feel a part of a lifestyle and community with our brand, adopting a minimalistic, youthful and trendsetting aesthetic into your wardrobe. 

We are an inclusive brand that is proud of promoting our diverse customer base and recognising social issues facing our society today. As a company we think it’s important to recognise and show our support to mental health causes. 

Men are the biggest group affected by mental health disorders! Just over three out of four suicides (76%) are by men and suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under 35! With this in mind we want to raise awareness of charities like mind.org.uk & Samaritans that can be an important light for people in dark times. Don’t suffer in silence! #mentalhealthawareness

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